SwiftEngine Description

A growing number of shady individuals are developing all malware types and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that are targeting OSX exclusively. It is important to note that PUPs are not threatening applications and would not harm your system. However, they will not bring any value to you either; quite the opposite, PUPs tend to reduce one’s browsing quality and cause annoyance.

Spams Users with Advertisements

The SwiftEngine application is a PUP that is designed to target systems running OSX. This application poses as software that is meant to enhance your search engine and help it deliver more relevant results. It also claims to improve the efficiency of your Web browsing sessions. However, none of this is true, and the SwiftEngine application is not going to improve your experience in any way. Instead of introducing improvements to your system, the SwiftEngine application will turn into a nuisance quickly. The SwiftEngine PUP will make sure to change your default new page and also bombard you with countless advertisements whenever you are browsing the Web.

Gathers Web Browsing Data

The SwiftEngine application is meant to run as soon as you start your Mac. This is why rebooting your system will not help you rid yourself of the advertisements. The advertisements that the SwiftEngine software may be promoting may be of a shady nature – fake giveaways, adult content, gambling platforms, etc. This is why we would recommend you to avoid clicking on the advertisements presented by the SwiftEngine application. Furthermore, the SwiftEngine PUP may be collecting your Web browsing data without your knowledge, which is a privacy violation certainly. This is likely done so that the application will be able to deliver more relevant advertisements to the users.

It is recommended to remove the SwiftEngine application from your Mac as soon as possible. There is no reason to keep a PUP on your system. You can either do this manually or trust a legitimate anti-virus application to remove the SwiftEngine software from your system safely. Do not download software from untrustworthy sources because next time, you may end up with something much more threatening than a PUP.

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