Threat Database Malware Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP


By Sumo3000 in Malware

Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP is a high risk malware infection, which can devastate an affected computer. Detection of Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP by anti-virus software may also indicate that the computer is probably affected by a Trojan or similar PC infections. Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP adds itself to some of the files that the PC user stores on the computer and to specific programs that the PC user may have downloaded from the Internet. The main feature of Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP is that once it corrupts the victimized PC, it will start to stealthily attack the files and control network activity in case it's a password stealing Trojan. Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP can be the affected file or application that the computer user has downloaded from the Internet, or it may be the result of a virus that has already contaminated the PC. Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP are also able to steal a target PC user's personal information and download more malware threats onto the compromised PC. Suspicious.Cloud.7.EP rarely comes as a single infection; usually it's a component of more advanced malware threats.


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