'Stopped Processing Incoming Emails' Scam

'Stopped Processing Incoming Emails' Scam Description

The 'Stopped Processing Incoming Emails' scam is a harmful campaign aiming to collect users' credentials. The perpetrators disseminate thousands of misleading and manipulative emails to unsuspecting users in an attempt to get them to visit a phishing website. This tactic's scenario is to pretend that the user's email has been suspended and access to it has been limited. As a result, the email can supposedly no longer process incoming emails. To remedy the situation, users are instructed to follow a link found inside the misleading email where they are asked to update their account by providing the required credentials. The phishing website then harvests all of the information needed and makes it available to the fraudsters.

It must be noted that nothing said inside these emails is true and shouldn't be taken with any amount of seriousness. The best action is to block the sender, delete the email and move on with your day without paying the message a second thought. If you have already given your account credentials to the phishing website, it is recommended to change them on every place that they have been saved as login information immediately.