Stealerium is a potent information stealer, that can obtain a vast range of private data from infected systems. The threat is written in the C# programming language and sends the collected data as logs to a Discord channel under the control of its operators. The threat can extract chosen data, initiate keylogging routines, take arbitrary screenshots of the system and hijack the information saved into the system's clipboard.

The threat obtains different data types, depending on the user's Web browser. From Chromium-based browsers, Stealerium can collect passwords, credit card numbers, autofill data, cookies, bookmarks and more. From Firefox browsers, the threat extracts cookies, history, and bookmarks, while from Internet Explorer/Edge browsers it can collect passwords.

Apart from browsers, Stealerium can impact multiple popular VPN clients, including NordVPN, OpenVPN and ProtonVPN. It also can collect session data from the Steam store client, and Uplay game clients, Minecraft, and several social media and messenger applications, such as Skype and Telegram. The intrusive capabilities of Stealeriem go even further, with the threat also obtaining system information and Wi-Fi passwords.

As a result of the compromised information, users may suffer financial losses, lose access to multiple accounts with purchased content, have their social media accounts used as vehicles for the spread of misinformation or malware threats and more. It is necessary to remove threats such as Stealerium as soon as possible with a professional anti-malware solution, preferably.


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