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Stealc Malware

Stealc is a type of malware (harmful software) that is used to collect data from computers. The Stealc Malware was discovered on the Dark Web and is being used in targeted cyberattacks with the objective of allowing hackers and cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to a user's computer or system. The Stealc Malware can be used to collect passwords, financial information, and other sensitive data from email clients,  browsers, messengers and cryptocurrency wallets. 

Who Detected the Stealc Malware and When

The Stealc Malware was first detected at the beginning of January 2023 by security researchers. Its primary purpose is to give cybercriminals unauthorized access to systems and networks, allowing them to steal confidential information. It works by taking advantage of security vulnerabilities in computer networks, such as unpatched software or weak passwords. Once it gains access to a network, it can then execute a corrupted code, which allows the attackers to obtain sensitive information.

What Cybercriminals can do with the Data Collected by the Stealc Malware

Once the cybercriminals have obtained access to a user's system using the Stealc Malware, they can do several things with the data collected. They can use it to commit identity theft, steal financial information, or even launch ransomware attacks. In addition, they also may use the stolen data to target other systems and networks. Finally, they also could sell the collected data on the Dark Web for a profit. 

How Cybercriminals can Purchase and Spread the Stealc Malware

The Stealc Malware is primarily acquired by cybercriminals through the Dark Web. It is available for purchase from various online marketplaces, where the buyers can download it directly onto their computers. The Stealc Malware can be delivered to a targeted machine via exploit kits, which are automated programs that search for vulnerable systems and networks and then inject the malware into them. The malware also can be spread through tampered email attachments or links, as well as by downloading pirated software or other compromised files.

To protect against the Stealc Malware, you need to ensure that all software and operating systems are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches. Additionally, strong passwords should be used on all devices and networks where possible. 

What to do When Infected with the Stealc Malware

When a computer is infected with the Stealc Malware, it is fundamental to take immediate action. As soon as you discover the presence of the  Stealc Malware on your system, run a full system scan using up-to-date anti-malware software to detect and remove any malicious files associated with the Stealc Malware. It also may be necessary to change passwords on all accounts that have been accessed by the malware. 


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