The Spyrix keylogger software is an instrument released by Spyrix Inc. at www.spyrix.com/spyrix-free-keylogger. The Spyrix keylogger is proposed to companies and parents as a monitoring software that can help with children and employee control. The Spyrix keylogger may be considered as malware when it is installed on computers and mobile device where the Spyrix operator has no authorization. The Spyrix keylogger supports the basic functionality one might expect from a monitoring tool such as:

  • Application activity — Preview currently running programs.
  • User activity — Record who and when the PC is used.
  • Remote installation — The Spyrix keylogger can be installed on remote devices via Web access.
  • Keystrokes recording — The instrument saves keyboard input to a text file, which can be sent to a remote device and server.
  • Search services monitoring — It can recognize the search terms entered on sites like Google.
  • Email, FTP and LAN logging.
  • USB and printer monitoring.
  • Support for desktop screenshots and Web camera shots.

The Spyrix keylogger includes support for advanced features like monitoring input on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, MSN, ICQ and Google Hangouts. The Spyrix operators can receive logs for Google Drive and Dropbox activity, as well as block access to blacklisted domains. The Spyrix keylogger may be abused by cybercriminals to obtain credit card data, your social security number and record your communication over various messaging services types, which can be used for doxing attacks. Doxing is a cyber attack where threat actors have obtained compromised data and personal information from your PC and mobile device. Then you are contacted and suggested that the collected data will be exposed unless you follow some instructions often leading to making a money transfer to a private bank account. The Spyrix keylogger supports a free version, which may be used by low-level cybercriminals and you might want to use a credible security product on your system to detect and remove the threatening instances of the Spyrix keylogger.

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