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Spy Guard Ads

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Spy Guard Ads is a browser add-on that has been produced by Big Water Applications LLC. Spy Guard Ads can be embedded into the Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Attacked computer users will spot Spy Guard Ads on the PC when they start surfing the Internet. Spy Guard Ads will show a variety of irritating pop-up advertisements, which can result in privacy related issues for PC users. Spy Guard Ads can trace the victimized computer user's IP address, browsing history and confidential information like user names and passwords. Spy Guard Ads can easily sell the collected information to the third parties resulting in serious security related issues for computer users. Spy Guard Ads invades random targeted PCs packaged together with freeware programs. Spy Guard Ads is usually inserted into the hacked Internet browser while the computer user is downloading freeware programs from the web. This is a deceptive method, which is used by attackers to install new or unidentified software to random PCs. Web users should always check if Spy Guard Ads involves additional software products during its installation. Spy Guard Ads has to be uninstalled from the corrupted PC because it is not a secure application.

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