SpeedyTabs is a dubious program, whose main purpose is to promote a fake search engine. This applications are classified as browser hijackers due to the intrusive techniques they use to take over the user's Web browsers. More specifically, SpeedyTabs may target the homepage, new tab page and the default search engine. By modifying these settings to open the promoted address, the application ensures that a significant amount of artificial traffic will be generated. After all, the sponsored page will be opened whenever the affected browser is launched, a new tab is started or a search is conducted via the URL bar. 

Keep in mind that SpeedyTabs also is considered to be a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). This classification is based on the questionable methods through which the application is being distributed. Usually, browser hijackers try to avoid attracting the attention of the user by relying on tactics such as bundling or fake installers/updates. 

The address promoted by SpeedyTabs is speedytabs.com, a fake search engine. Fake engines lack the functionality to deliver any results and instead redirect the user's searches through a legitimate one. In this case, search.yahoo.com is used.

Users should avoid keeping PUPs on their computers or devices. Doing so puts them at risk of having their browsing activities spied upon. The intrusive applications may be transmitting the browsing history, search history, clicked URLs, IP address, geolocation, and more to a remote server under the control of the PUP's operators continuously.


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