Users who notice that their browser is opening the unfamiliar Speedsearch.xyz address most likely have a browser hijacker application lurking on their computers or devices. Browser hijackers are designed to execute intrusive action on the system and, more specifically, to overtake the installed Web browsers and modify their settings. By changing the homepage, new tab page, and the default search engine, these dubious applications try to generate as much artificial traffic as possible towards a sponsored address. 

Browser hijackers rely on questionable tactics for their distribution predominantly. After all, the chances of users installing such applications willingly are slim to none. Instead, these PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) hide their installation by being bundled inside the installation settings of another software product or injected into fake installers and updates. 

It should be noted that the pages typically promoted via such underhanded methods are fake search engines. They are classified as fake due to fact that they lack the ability to generate results on their own. All initiated search queries will instead be redirected to a legitimate engine (Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc) or a dubious engine that can generate low-quality results usually riddled with sponsored links.

However, PUPs have another intrusive capability. Most applications of this type also spy on the user's browsing activities. The browsing history, search history, clicked URL, numerous device details, and more could be transmitted to a remote server continuously.


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