The operators of the website have utilized one of the oldest tricks on the Web – they are propagating shady software by claiming that their visitors need to update their Adobe Flash Player tool. This nasty trick has been around for decades.

The site appears to claim that it hosts entertaining videos to mislead users into opening the page. Once the user is on the site, the page will display a bogus video player, which appears to be loading the content that the visitor wanted to view. However, there is no video to be viewed, and this fake video player only serves to trick the visitor into installing untrustworthy software on their system. The website would claim that unless the visitor installs an update for the Adobe Flash Player tool, they will not be able to watch the video in question. Malware analysts who have looked into the activity of the site state that this bogus page may be targeting Mac users because the website presents its visitors with pop-up windows designed to resemble OSX's alerts. However, it is highly likely that the creators of the page are also targeting Windows users with specially crafter pop-ups.

It is never advised to download software or files from unknown or shady sources like the website. Instead, make sure you apply updates from the application's official website only.


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