Threat Database Browser Hijackers

Despite what its name may imply, the website doesn't offer a solution to help users stop any annoying advertisements from appearing. In fact, the exact opposite is true - the site employs various deceptive tactics to lure users into subscribing to its push notification services unknowingly. Afterward, Socialnetwork-adblocker itself can begin flooding the user's device with unwanted advertisements, while generating money for its operators in the process. 

The site relies on the same deceptive scenarios that can be observed in all other pages dedicated to running this same tactic. may pretend to be running a CAPTCHA check, claim that a video will become accessible, or an unspecified file is now ready for download. None of these messages are true and they all instruct the user to click the displayed 'Allow' button. The exact text of the messages will more than likely be a variation of:

'Press Allow to verify that you are not a robot'

'Click Allow to watch the video'

'Download is ready'

Users who failed to notice the trick in time will be subjected to intrusive advertisements that may continue to appear even if the affected Web browser is closed completely. To stop the intrusive ad campaign and prevent the site from further interfering with the user experience on the device, users will have to revoke the page's browser permissions. Typically, this can be easily done by opening the 'Notifications' or 'Permissions' menu of your browser.


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