Threat Database Rogue Websites Pop-Ups Pop-Ups is a deceptive website that utilizes scare tactics to convince visitors into installing a promoted application. The page is mostly targeted at iPhone users, and its pop-ups are designed to appear as legitimate system notifications. Of course, they are all fake and their claims should not be believed.

When first landing on the page, users may be shown several pop-ups. However, on the main page, the fraudsters will state that the device has been compromised by a hacker. In fact, this non-existent threat actor is apparently spying on the victim right this moment! The scaremongering continues with more false warnings, such as telling users that within two minutes the hackers will reveal their identity and spread their browser history to the contacts saved on the device.

The purpose of all these fake scares is to trick unsuspecting users into getting a suspicious application that is supposed to help them fix the situation. In many cases, the promoted programs are in fact intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that have adware or browser hijacker capabilities. Even when the promoted application is a legitimate software product, users should still not follow the instructions of the con website. In these cases, the operators of the page are most likely trying to earn illegitimate commission fees for each sale that takes place.

URLs Pop-Ups may call the following URLs:


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