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The Smominru crypto miner is a threat that has been around for a while. Malware experts managed to hold back the campaign by configuring a bait & sinkhole server that kept a significant fraction of Smominru's network busy on a loop, therefore preventing it from going after valid targets. However, since this happened, the authors of the Smominru threat have been introducing significant improvements.

New Features

The actors responsible for the Smominru crypto mining campaign have added several new features:

  • Collecting logging credentials is done via a modified variant of the Mimikatz malware.
  • The EternalBlue exploit is used to propagate the payload of the threat.
  • Several payloads contain a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) feature.

Selling Access to Compromised Networks

To garner more revenue, the authors of the Smominru crypto mining campaign are selling access to the networks they have managed to infiltrate. This whole business operation is set up on the Dark Web where other ill-minded actors can purchase access to various compromised networks at varying prices, according to the value of the network. This means that these infiltrated networks will be at the mercy of cyber crooks and will likely be infected with various malware types in the pursuit of cash.

Collected Over $3,000,000

Malware researchers believe that the creators of the Smominru malware have generated over 500,000 compromised systems on their network. What makes the Smominru threat even more threatening is the fact that it can self-propagate, which means that the 500,000 number may pale in comparison to what may come in as a report in the future. This cryptocurrency mining campaign appears to be very successful as it seems to have generated over $3,000,000.

Despite all the efforts of malware experts to battle threats like the Smominru malware, cybercriminals who are high-skilled will always find loopholes and continue to evolve their creations. This is why it is crucial to obtain a reputable anti-malware tool, which will keep your computer safe from such vicious threats.


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