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Smart Suggestor

By JubileeX in Adware

Although Smart Suggestor is marketed as a web browser add-on that can help you by providing helpful suggestions when you browse the net, thousands of computer users have issues with this plug-in. This is because Smart Suggestor causes browser redirects. Rather than helping you, this application is designed to keep track of all online searches you carry out and replace your search results with sponsored links. Effectively, Smart Suggestor is designed to deliver advertisements, forcing computer users to visit websites against their will and view advertisements that are delivered to their computer according to data gathered by this plug-in.

Smart Suggestor is an extension that can be installed on the three most popular web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer). Most computer users will not install Smart Suggestor on their own but, instead, will install Smart Suggestor inadvertently after installing a freeware application on their computer. By skimming over the installation settings, computer users may not realize that they are actually installing Smart Suggestor along with their freeware program. This is especially common in low quality freeware programs such as Yontoo, 1ClickDownload and FBPhotoZoom. However, Smart Suggestor may be installed with well established, normally trustworthy freeware programs.

The main annoyance associated with Smart Suggestor is that Smart Suggestor will activate automatically as soon as you use a search form on your web browser. This will occur when you try to carry out an online search on a search engine or on websites like Facebook or Ebay. Smart Suggestor will suggest keywords to you and will include advertisements and sponsored links and search results in the website you are using to carry out your search. To prevent a Smart Suggestor infection, ESG security researchers advise taking extra care when installing any software so that you can opt out from installing unwanted toolbars and similar potentially unwanted programs. Rather than using the default installation settings, it is usually a better idea to select custom settings and only install the components you want on your computer.


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