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The Smart Mac Booster software from and its clone named Advanced Mac Booster from are made by a single company known as PCVARK Software Pvt. Ltd. The Smart Mac Booster and the Advanced Mac Booster applications are touted as the ultimate optimization tools for Mac users and employ identical sites. The Smart Mac Booster application may help users delete large files, old browser and email cache. You may find a menu in Smart Mac Booster that allows you to remove third-party software and duplicate files on your local memory storage. You can remove iTunes backups and force applications to close if needed. However, you should not expect Smart Mac Booster/Advanced Mac Booster to revive your device and deliver noticeable overall improvements.

The Smart Mac Booster application is not going to speed up your Mac by simply deleting files on your device. You can close misbehaving applications manually and remove applications from booting with the OS to get to your favorite applications and Web activity as needed. Also, allowing Smart Mac Booster and Advanced Mac Booster to remove pre-downloaded content in iTunes, your email client and Web browser will increase loading times for your music files, email correspondence and will log you out of frequently used services.

The Smart Mac Booster software from and Advanced Mac Booster from are categorized as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), and you may wish to avoid a paid subscription for them. You can remove the Smart Mac Booster and related clones via the Applications menu in Mac OS and using a reputable security suite. Some cybersecurity manufacturers are known to tag files from and with the following alert names:

A Variant Of OSX/GT32SupportGeeks.V
Malware (ai Score=87)
Trojan.MAC.Generic.5008 (B)


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