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Smartlink Redirect

The Smartlink Redirect is a browser hijacker application designed to promote a dubious address. Like most applications of this type, it also relies on deceptive and underhanded methods to sneak itself onto the user's computers without attracting any attention. As a result, users are left unpleasantly surprised when they notice that their Web browser is behaving strangely and is redirecting to unknown and unfamiliar addresses.

Once this PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) is inside the system, it will take over specific browser settings. Curiously, Smartlink Redirect is not used as a vehicle for the promotion of a fake browser hijacker. Instead, affected users report that their browsers are set to open the '' address before being redirected to a questionable advertisement page immediately. The exact destination may vary, depending on the specific geolocation of the users. Some even state that the browser opens a seemingly random stream from the Steam platform.

Typically, while the browser hijacker application is installed on the system, it will prevent the users from changing the affected settings back to their original states. PUPs are also known for spying on the browsing activities conducted on the affected system. The tracked information could include all visited sites, clicked URLs or conducted searches. It is strongly recommended to remove all suspicious applications that you do not recall installing as soon as possible. Keep in mind that some PUPs establish persistence mechanisms and if not eradicated completely, they could restore themselves again.


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