Smart Captcha Solve

Smart Captcha Solve Description

The Smart Captcha Solve is a browser hijacker associated with the website Typically, users complain that the page is spamming them with notifications in their Web browser, even though they did not subscribe for this content. However, the truth is that they have subscribed to these notifications unknowingly. This is possible thanks to the fake pop-ups and prompts that tends to display to the users.

How do Users Come Across the Smart Captcha Solve?

Often, users might end up on this website when browsing low-quality Web destinations. Pages that fall into this category include torrent trackers, illicit streaming services, and sites used to download content from YouTube or similar services. The good news is that seeing notifications in your Web browser is not a major red flag. In fact, this page is perfectly harmless, apart from its attempts to hijack browser notifications.

Smart Captcha Solve

When users stumble upon, they will not see any legitimate content. Instead, the page tells them to press 'Allow' to continue. Allegedly, this site requires this to verify that the user is not a robot. Many people might trust the prompt blindly since it is not uncommon for some websites to do checks of this sort. Unfortunately, clicking 'Allow' on's prompt only results in one change – it subscribes you to the site's notifications.

Seeing content from is not a great experience since this spam will bombard you with intrusive content, links to tactics, misleading promotions, fake reward programs, etc. Needless to say, you should block the Smart Captcha Solve content as soon as possible. To do this, you need to use your Web browser's 'Site Settings' to block the Smart Captcha Solve notifications.