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SlankCryptor Ransomware

Cybersecurity researchers keep uncovering more and more ransomware threats daily. Data-locking Trojans are one of the worst threats a regular user may come across. They would sneak into one's system, encrypt all their data, and then demand money in exchange for a decryption tool. Among the newest ransomware threats is the SlankCryptor Ransomware. It would appear that this threat is named after a popular rock band hailing from Indonesia called Slank. After studying the SlankCryptor Ransomware, researchers found that this threat is still in development. Despite being an unfinished project, the SlankCryptor Ransomware is still fully capable of encrypting data and blackmailing users.

Propagation and Encryption

The SlankCryptor Ransomware is likely being propagated via fake emails masked as important messages from the government or a popular company. Usually, such emails contain a bogus message that tries to trick users into executing the attached file, which is how the threat would get access to their system. Cyber crooks are known to use other infection vectors, too, such as fraudulent application updates and downloads, torrent trackers, and fake pirated content to spread ransomware threats. When the SlankCryptor Ransomware worms its way into a targeted PC, it will scan the user's files and begin the encryption process. To lock the targeted data, the SlankCryptor Ransomware will apply an encryption algorithm that will render the files unusable.

The Ransom Note

The authors of the SlankCryptor Ransomware have opted to present their ransom note in the shape of a new program window. In the note, the attackers state the author of the ransom note is the drummer of the previously mentioned Indonesian rock band Slank. The name of the drummer is Bimo Setiawan Almachzumi, and needless to say, he is in no way involved with the SlankCryptor Ransomware. It would appear that the attack is motivated by strong antipathy towards Slank as the authors of the SlankCryptor Ransomware are clearly attempting to defame the band. The creators of the ransomware threat would likely demand a large sum in exchange for the decryption tool the user would need to recover their files.

It is never a good idea to pay cybercriminals not only because your money will motivate them to continue with their vile behavior but also because there are zero guarantees that you will be provided with the decryption key you need. Instead, you should use an anti-malware tool that will wipe off the SlankCryptor Ransomware from your computer and keep your data and system safe going forward.


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