Threat Database Mac Malware 'Skyprize' Mac Pop-Ups

'Skyprize' Mac Pop-Ups

Users who often browse unsafe websites hosting pirated content or adult videos may end up experiencing the ‘Skyprize’ Mac Pop-Ups. The pop-ups affiliated with the ‘Skyprize’ campaign are hosted on a variety of domains, which tend to have the word ‘Skyprize’ in them. For example, the ‘’ and the ‘’ are websites affiliated with the ‘Skyprize’ Mac Pop-Ups. However, the operators of this scam do not limit themselves to only pages that contain the term ‘Skyprize,’ as malware analysts have detected that they are also associated with other shady pages like the ‘’ and the ‘’ websites.

The operators of the ‘Skyprize’ Mac Pop-Ups scam target users and claim that they have been provided with a one-time opportunity to complete an easy survey and win amazing, high-value prizes. At first glance, the survey may appear genuine as it does not ask any questions out of the ordinary. However, upon completing the survey, the user is asked to provide their full name, home address, phone number, etc. Needless to say, you should not provide dodgy websites with sensitive personal data. Furthermore, the websites associated with the ‘Skyprize’ Mac Pop-Ups will not provide you with any great prizes even if you complete the surveys you are presented with.

Users are advised to ignore all pop-ups associated with the ‘Skyprize’ tactics.


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