SkilledOrigin is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that installs an unsafe browser extension on infected computers. This malware threat modifies your browser's settings so that it can redirect you to sponsored links or other third-party websites, generating thus artificial traffics and profits for the attackers.

If you are affected by SkilledOrigin's browser hijacker, you will notice that your default search engine has been changed to SkilledOrigin Search. Thus, all your search queries will be redirected through this unknown search engine, while the search results that you will get will come from because SkilledOrigin cannot generate any unique search results.

Browser hijackers like SkilledOrigin usually sneak unnoticed into the targeted PC. Their developers bundle them within the installers of other software programs. They also can be embedded in online advertisements and banners. To avoid getting infected with PUPs or browser hijackers, do not click on random pop-ups and download software only from the developer's official website. SkilledOrigin can be removed manually from your browser, or you can use an automated removal tool to clean up your device.


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