'Site Security Check' Ads

'Site Security Check' Ads Description

Type: Trojan

The 'Site Security Check' advertisements may be displayed on pages that have questionable names and may prevent the user from closing them straight away. The 'Site Security Check' advertisements are perceived as a practice that is intended to force users into installing Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and trialware such as the Lite PDF Reader and the System Optimizer Pro. The 'Site Security Check' ads on your screen may be generated by adware on your PC. We have received reports that pop-up windows from untrusted pages include the 'Site Security Check' promotions. The 'Site Security Check' promotional materials may be loaded from the following domains:

  • Shavguti[.]ru
  • Mvncasmaxapgyk[.]bid
  • Fftrack[.]pro
  • Cdncash[.]net
  • Westen-z[.]life
  • Asdfg[.]pro
  • Ttjuew[.]pro
  • The list of domains provided above does not reflect the extensive network of pages that feature the 'Site Security Check' advertisements. You should note that the 'Site Security Check' pop-ups may be found on legitimate sites that utilize visitor checks to prevent DDoS attacks on their servers. However, the fake 'Site Security Check' messages lead users to potentially corrupted content, and it may be hard for Web surfers to spot the difference sometimes. It is important to remember that when a page prevents you from closing it and urges you to install a seemingly harmless program, chances are you may be directed to install a harmful program. The 'Site Security Check' adware can be removed with the help of a trustworthy anti-malware tool, and you should consider adding a Web filter to your browser, which allows you to block suspicious pages on request.

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