Lite PDF Reader

Lite PDF Reader Description

The Lite PDF Reader software from is a product by HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd. that is promoted as a free to use PDF viewer. The Lite PDF Reader app has a desktop version only, and it was reported to make changes to the browser settings. PC users who have installed the Lite PDF Reader complained that the app had changed their homepage and new tab page to The Lite PDF Reader desktop app may be free-to-use, but it is observed to connect to advertisement servers and use to claim revenue. Additionally, an analysis showed that the app uses unusual ports, contains the ability to register and read input devices, as well as check for the presence of security tools.

The Lite PDF Reader may read the data saved by your browser such as Internet cache, history, downloads log, input on search services and send it to ad servers. The Lite PDF Reader software may show targeted ads via and display pop-up windows that recommend trialware. Computer security experts noticed that the app might add keys to the Registry and run in the system background continuously. The Lite PDF Reader software may allow you to read PDFs and do a context search, but it is known to send data about your online experience to advertisers. You may want to remove the Lite PDF Reader desktop app and search for a credible alternative. AV tools may flag the objects and settings created by Lite PDF Reader as:

  • AdWare.Agent
  • Suspicious_GEN.F47V0830
  • Trojan.DownLoader25.33956
  • Trojan.IGENERIC
  • Win32.Application.Agent.KNS49L
  • Win32:Malware-gen

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