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Silvertor Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

The Silvertor Ransomware belongs to the ransomware family of malware threats. It aims to sneak onto the victim's computer and then uses secure encryption to lock the files stored on it effectively and render them unusable. The criminals then demand the payment of a specific sum to provide the decryption key necessary for the restoration of the files. The Silvertor Ransomware appends the extension ".silvertor" to the end of the original name of every successfully encrypted file. In addition, a ransom note is dropped as a file named "README.html," which is opened every time the system is restarted automatically. The Silvertor Ransomware also generates a pop-up window with text different from the one in the file on every system restart.

The criminals behind Silvertor Ransomware demand $250 from their victims that should be paid in Bitcoin and sent to the following wallet address - 1MZinQ6gWvuwNfSupXL3VrErZ9jay9BXmh. An email address -, also is provided, but it is specified that all affected users should first send the money before contacting them by sending a message through the email. The hackers use several tactics to get their victims to pay up. First, they attempt to scare them by warning that if there is no payment within the first 10 hours of the infection, all encrypted files will be destroyed. If that doesn't work, the cybercriminals promise that everyone who pays the ransom will be excluded from their group's future "endeavors."

Believing in anything said by the people behind Silvertor Ransomware may not be a wise choice. There is no assured guarantee that they will send the decryption key even after receiving the money. Instead, all affected users are strongly encouraged to clean their computer systems from the Silvertor Ransomware by using a strong anti-malware software before restoring their files from a previously created backup, if one is available.

The text of the pop-up window created after each system restart is:


Your files will be fried in 9 hours! Donate to save them!'

The full text of the ransom note is:

'Your computer has been infected by the Silvertor Ransomware!

Your files have been encrypted and can only be recovered by us.

No commercial decryption software will save them. Follow these instructions instead if you want to get them back:

-You have 10 hours to send $250 in Bitcoin (BTC) to 1MZinQ6gWvuwNfSupXL3VrErZ9jay9BXmh

-If you still haven't paid after 10 hours, we will fry your files and they will no longer be recoverable

-To learn more about Bitcoin and how to send it, visit hxxps:// or hxxps://

-After you send the Bitcoin donation to our address (1MZinQ6gWvuwNfSupXL3VrErZ9jay9BXmh), let us know at

-As soon as we confirm your donation, we will send you your file recovery password

If you cooperate, we will guarantee you full protection from our organization and its endeavors in the future.

If you fail to cooperate, you will lose your files permanently and perhaps more if we manage to infect you again.

The choice is yours. We are not scammers, and your files WILL be returned after you pay.

-Silicon Venom.'


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