SignalBalance is considered a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) that has the features of a browser hijacker. It has been created to generate fraudulent advertising revenues by redirecting Internet users to third-party websites and other sponsored content without their knowledge or consent. When SignalBalance is installed on a computer, it replaces the browser's homepage and default search engine with This is a fake search engine as it does not show any unique search results. After redirecting the user's search queries, SignalBalance displays a results page from

Browser hijackers and other PUAs typically sneak into computers unnoticed through a method called "bundling." Software developers often add these unwanted tools and applications as optional installs to other software installation packages. Thus, users can avoid unwanted tools by choosing the Custom installation option when installing new programs.

You can remove SignalBalance by locating the browser extension with the same name in your browser settings and deleting it. However, browser hijackers tend to drop corrupted files in other files and folders. Therefore we recommend using an anti-malware program to remove SignalBalance from your computer completely.


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