By ESGI Advisor in Browser Hijackers Image's interface is quite attractive in a Web 2.0 kind of design. An oversized, 'Go' button, rounded edges, bright orange design and a simple layout. A minimalist shopping car log completes the illusion. It is a pity that is linked to dangerous browser hijackers. Much like similar websites and, is associated with dangerous browser hijackers. In fact, if your browser redirects or google search results to the website, it is almost certain that your computer system is already infected with a browser hijacker. If you’re continuously being redirected to the website, you may be forced to do so by a dangerous browser hijacker. In this way, criminals profit from infecting your computer system. may be a source for infection, since links displayed on this page and searches on its search engine component may lead to websites containing unsafe content such as malware and known online scams. Because of this, ESG security researchers advise scanning your computer system with an anti-malware program if you have visited for any reason. If you are being redirected to the website and your anti-malware software has failed to find an infection on your system, it is probable that your computer has become infected with a dangerous rootkit. Browser redirects to the website may be caused by the Google Redirect Virus, a major component of various rootkits, including Alureon and the ZeroAccess rootkit. While the website in itself will not endanger your computer system, rootkits associated with this dangerous website are among some of the most dangerous malware infections in existence.

Like most websites online, generates revenue through advertising and through pay-per-click plans. However, most legitimate websites generate the traffic necessary to make a profit by providing a useful service or interesting content. The criminals using Google Redirect Virus bypass this requirement by forcing their victims to return to the website repeatedly. In this way, they inflate their web traffic numbers and stand to gain considerable revenue through advertising and affiliate marketing.

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