The domain hosts a fake search engine that contains unsafe components that may infect your computer system. Usually, the rogue website is associated with a variety of browser hijackers. Some browser hijackers associated with include the Google Redirect Virus and harmful toolbars for Internet Explorer. If your Internet browser is constantly taking you to the website against your will, this is a definite sign of a browser hijacker infection. If you visited the website on your own – perhaps due to misleading marketing or by accident – ESG malware researchers recommend running a full malware scan of your computer system. The website contains pop-up windows and advertisements that have been known to cause a computer to become infected with adware, Trojans and other malware problems.

The Website and Browser Hijackers

As their name states, browser hijackers are designed to hijack or take control of your Internet browser and then force it to visit certain websites. Criminals use browser hijackers to generate revenue in illegal ways. For example, contains advertisements and affiliate marketing links, which generate money for criminals each time they are clicked or viewed. A browser hijacker illegally generates traffic to the website, thus generating more advertisement and affiliate marketing revenue. Browser hijackers associated with the website can also be used to attack a computer user directly. For example, contains links to known rogue security programs. Rogue security programs are fake security programs that are used to scam inexperienced computer users. Most browser hijackers associated with the website also have the capacity to display pop-up advertisements and to track directly a computer user's Internet activity. The presence of a browser hijacker on your computer system is a dangerous breach of your privacy, potentially allowing criminals to monitor your browsing habits and personal information.

Protecting Yourself from the Website

ESG security researchers recommend that you block the website on your Internet browser and anti-malware scanner. If your security software is fully up to date, it is possible that websites like have already been blocked for you. It is also important to make sure that you only download software from reliable sources. One common source of browser hijackers is freeware, free applications that are bundled along with a supposedly-helpful toolbar. These toolbars are usually browser hijacker infections designed to take advantage of security vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.

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