The Shopper threat is a malware designed for Android devices specifically. According to reports, the Shopper malware has been active in the past months, particularly with most infected devices located on the territory of the Russian Federation. However, experts state that the Shopper threat is also gaining popularity in Brazil, as well as India. The Shopper malware is not complex particularly, but it still gets the job done.

The Main Goal is Click-Fraud

The main goal of the Shopper Trojan is to take control of the victim’s account and use it to boost the numbers of affiliated applications artificially. This means that the attackers’ aim is to use the hijacked account to post bogus positive reviews of particular applications. Furthermore, the Shopper also can boost the download count of the affiliated applications. Unfortunately, the affiliated applications often tend to be fake applications, and the bogus positive reviews and high download count is used to trick the user into installing such software fully believing they are obtaining a legitimate solution. Another trait of the Shopper malware is its ability to plant unwanted advertisements on the user’s notification panel, as well as the home screen. This can prove to be rather irritable and reduce the browsing quality of the user.

Can Prove to be More Threatening than Expected Initially

It is not clear what is the propagation method involved in the distribution of the Shopper Trojan completely. It is likely that this threat is being spread using fraudulent downloads, bogus applications on third-party application stores, among other methods. Despite the Shopper malware being used for click-fraud and spamming unwanted advertisements, this threat also can interact with active tools and applications. Furthermore, the Shopper Trojan is capable of reading and collecting the data present on the user’s screen. These two additional features make the Shopper malware far more threatening than expected initially. It is rather difficult to remove the Shopper Trojan from your Android Device because this threat is not present on the application list or the main menu.

If you are being bombarded with irrelevant advertisements from the Shopper malware or the threat is draining your mobile data with unwanted downloads, you should make sure to remove this pest from your Android device. It is worth acquaring in a reputable anti-malware tool that will help you rid yourself of the Shopper Trojan for good.

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