Threat Database Rogue Websites 'ShibaInu AirDrop' Pop-Up Scam

'ShibaInu AirDrop' Pop-Up Scam

The 'ShibaInu AirDrop' pop-up scam targets visitors' crypto-wallet login information. It is propagated by dubious and untrustworthy websites and relies on misleading or completely fake messages. Users should keep in mind that providing information on such pages could result in financial losses, as well as additional privacy or security issues. Schemes of this type and their associated pages should be ignored.

The 'ShibaInu AirDrop' Pop-Up Scam Targets Crypto Enthusiasts

The fraudulent website promoting the 'ShibaInu AirDrop' pop-up scam claims to be backed by well-known sponsors, such as Uniswap and Vitalik Buterin. It offers visitors the opportunity to receive tokens of the SHIB (Shiba Inu) cryptocurrency through its AirDrop program, with a maximum of 4,420,866,489 SHIB tokens being distributed. To be among the eligible participants, users supposedly need to have an active account and completed transactions with either SHIB or ETH (Ethereum). The platform also claims to feature a referral program that allows individuals to earn additional SHIB tokens through successful referrals.

The lure statements continue with promises that those who have over 1,000,000 SHIB or 0.1 ETH will receive a complimentary box that they can open to receive their SHIB tokens. To participate in this scheme, users are expected to spin the wheel shown on the page and collect the SHIB tokens won. However, after spinning the wheel, users are asked to connect their wallets to receive the promised prizes. They must select a wallet and connection method (private key, mnemonic phrase or keystroke file). Any login information provided by the users is sent directly to the fraudsters. The people behind the 'ShibaInu AirDrop' pop-up scam could then use collected credentials for harmful purposes, such as draining any funds found in the compromised crypto-wallets.


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