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Shellbot Botnet

By GoldSparrow in Malware

The Shellbot Botnet is a network of infected computers that can be used to carry out coordinated attacks. There are at least 140 devices connected to the Shellbot Botnet currently, as of October of 2018. The devices that are part of the Shellbot Botnet can be used in coordinated attacks that can take down websites, networks, or servers, send out large quantities of spam email messages or unsafe content, or carry out a variety of other criminal operations. Malware researchers announced that they had uncovered the Shellbot Botnet in November of 2018. Security researchers have been able to create a map of the devices that are infected and used as part of the attacks linked to the Shellbot Botnet by analyzing the communications associated with Shellbot Botnet.

Why the Shellbot Botnet is So Threatening

The Shellbot Botnet is being developed and is operated by a criminal group known as 'Outlaw.' There is very little to differentiate the Shellbot Botnet from the many other botnets that are being used to carry out attacks around the world. Attacks linked to the Shellbot Botnet have been carried out in India and Japan, although it is likely that more attacks linked to this threatening botnet may follow. The Shellbot Botnet attacks have seemed to target Linux servers using Ubuntu and some networks using Windows. It also seems that Shellbot Botnet attacks have involved some phones using the Android operating system. Typically, the devices that are integrated into the Shellbot Botnet are infected manually with malware that incorporates them into this botnet. Usually, the criminals will take advantage of vulnerabilities in the targeted devices, such as outdated software or poor password protection. Once they have gained access to the target device, they will install a Trojan designed to allow criminals to take control of the affected computer from a remote location, and use it as part of Shellbot Botnet attacks.

How the Shellbot Botnet can be Used to Carry Out Attacks

The criminals can carry out a variety of attacks by using devices that are infected with malware linked to the Shellbot Botnet. A compromised device can be used to carry out the following commands:

  • Devices that are part of the Shellbot Botnet can be monitored by the criminals operating this botnet. The criminals can collect information about the device, virtually any data related to the device itself and its network, which can then be used for a variety of other operations or tactics.
  • Devices that are part of the Shellbot Botnet can be used to carry out Distributed Denial of Service attacks. These kinds essentially overwhelm a target, such as a Web server, with requests, causing it to go offline. These attacks can be used to target certain websites or networks to disrupt service.
  • Devices integrated into the Shellbot Botnet are often used in other attacks, such as sending out large quantities of spam email, or scanning ports online to find new potential targets for these attacks.

Botnets like the Shellbot Botnet provide many possibilities to the criminals responsible for them and make possible a wide variety of other actions. Often, the criminals attempting to carry out other attacks, such as distributing ransomware or banking Trojans, will rent a botnet like Shellbot Botnet to distribute their threats. In fact, the criminals responsible for the Shellbot Botnet lease it out to other criminals regularly.

Determining Whether Your Device Has Been Compromised by the Shellbot Botnet

If you suspect that your device has been compromised, it is important to take certain steps. Computer users should use strong security software that is fully up-to-date and to perform scans regularly. It also is essential to make sure all software and firmware are up to date.


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