Advanced DNS Protection

A particularly effective trick employed by more sophisticated Trojan and malware organizations is to replace your legitimate DNS servers with their own rogue DNS servers.

When you attempt to connect to a URL, your PC will contact a DNS server to resolve the domain name (such as "") to an IP address. This resolved IP address allows your computer to connect to the requested site.

If a malicious program inserts its own rogue DNS server into your registry, it can easily and transparently redirect you to a phishing or malware site. The address displayed in your browser will appear to be legitimate, but the site that you are actually browsing can be a fake! This leaves the door wide open for identity theft, credit card and banking fraud, password theft, and many other severe and dangerous privacy violations.

SpyHunter can be configured to monitor your DNS servers and notify you if an unsolicited modification takes place. To activate this feature, simply check the "Activate Advanced DNS Protection" checkbox (5) in the Network Sentry panel.

For your convenience, your system's current DNS servers are displayed in the Network Sentry panel at all times.