Active X Protection

SpyHunter also includes advanced ActiveX blocking capabilities.

An ActiveX control is an object that is often utilized to extend different functionalities to Internet Explorer. These include browser toolbars, document viewer plugins, and a wide array of other add-ons. Many ActiveX controls are actually beneficial, but malicious programs frequently use ActiveX controls in order to embed themselves on your system through browser security exploits or compromised security settings.

SpyHunter's definition database contains a comprehensive list of malicious ActiveX objects, which will be automatically loaded to the blocked list. This file is updated continuously by our definitions team.

SpyHunter will automatically block any ActiveX objects in the "Disabled" list from being executed.


Network Sentry:

The SpyHunter Network Sentry is designed to give you complete control over your system networking settings, and to prevent malicious objects from modifying and disrupting your Internet connection.

There are four separate sections within the Network Sentry panel:

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