By Domesticus in Rogue Websites is the kind of website that may present a danger to computers. Because of this, if your machine has had contact with the website, malware analysts strongly recommend making sure that your computer has not been exposed to unsafe or potentially unwanted components. is not a legitimate website. is closely associated with a known online tactic. promotes and distributes Smart Guard Protection, a known rogue security application that is used to steal money from inexperienced computer users. Malware researchers urge computer users to avoid downloading any content from or visiting this potentially threatening website.

The Close Association Between and Smart Guard Protection

Smart Guard Protection, distributed on the website, is promoted as a legitimate anti-malware program. However, Smart Guard Protection does not possess the necessary features to detect or delete threats. In fact, Smart Guard Protection is considered a type of threat itself. The principal objective of this kind of program is to trick computer users with false evidence and to convince them that Smart Guard Protection found a large number of threats on the infected PC. This is meant to persuade inexperienced PC users that an expensive, useless 'license' for this fake security application must be purchased. This tactic is carried out on, where Smart Guard Protection is promoted and distributed.

How Computer Users End Up Visiting

Although some computer users may visit directly, believing that is associated with a legitimate security program, most computer users are actually directed to rather than visiting voluntarily. In many cases, computer users are directed to after clicking on an advertisement that offers a free computer check-up or virus scan. These types of advertisements are known online tactics, usually used to promote or distribute rogue security software and force computer users to visit websites like There, inexperienced computer users may believe's text and end up downloading and installing Smart Guard Protection.


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