Threat Database Mac Malware ServiceBuilder


The ServiceBuilder Mac application is a program designed to look like a useful utility that may enhance the user’s browsing quality. However, nothing can be be so opposed to the reality. The ServiceBuilder application is an adware program, and as such, it is likely to impact your browsing quality negatively by spamming the sites you visit with countless advertisements.

The ServiceBuilder adware program is likely to end up on your computer via a fake application update. This is a commonly utilized trick – the user is presented with a bogus Flash Player update and urged to apply it. However, users who attempt to install the update will acquire a copy of the ServiceBuilder utility instead. The ServiceBuilder program will insert advertisements in the Web pages that you launch. You may have trouble navigating through the site, as some of the advertisements affiliated with the activity of the ServiceBuilder utility may be overlaying certain sections of the page. The advertisements associated with the ServiceBuilder adware program may not be trustworthy – they may promote low-quality products and shady services. This is why experts advise users against interacting with the advertisements spawned by the ServiceBuilder tool.

If you have installed the ServiceBuilder utility on your Mac, it is best to remove it sooner rather than later. Adware programs may be a little tricky to remove manually, so it is best to use the help of a legitimate anti-virus tool.


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