There are countless shady websites online that do not host any valuable content and whose main goal is to promote dodgy products and bogus services. Among these dubious Web pages is the site. The operators of the generate revenue by hijacking their visitors' Web browser notifications and bombarding them with advertisements.

Presents Visitors with a Bogus CAPTCHA

To trick users into allowing the site to display Web browser notifications, the dodgy page would require them to click on the 'Allow' button that is supposedly going to confirm that they are not a robot. However, this is not a real CAPTCHA, and clicking on the 'Allow' button will enable the website to begin spamming the user with unwanted advertisements via their Web browser notifications feature. This is a trick used by numerous operators of dodgy websites like the page.

Users who stumble upon the site have likely been browsing other dodgy pages. Often, adult entertainment sites, bogus giveaways, illicit streaming platforms, and similar shady sites promote each other. It is strongly advisable to avoid browsing dodgy Web pages as you may come across something much worse than a fake page designed to hijack your browser notifications. Products promoted by the site are likely to be low-quality, and services may be overpriced or downright bogus. You should avoid interacting with the advertisements that the site will present you with.

If you are receiving notifications from the website, avoid clicking on them and make sure you revoke all the permissions given to this shady site via your Web browser notifications.


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