is a dubious website designed to perform popular Web tactics and deliver dubious content to its visitors. The page has been observed to propagate the 'Your PC is infected with viruses' scheme, as well as ask users to allow it to deliver push notifications.

When users land on, rarely out of their own volition, and more often due to forced redirects, they will be presented with several misleading pop-ups. Some of the generated pop-up windows may be designed to appear as seemingly real Windows alerts. These false messages will try to convince users that their systems are under threat or already affected by multiple serious malware threats.

The site will 'conveniently' recommend fixing this non-existent problem by buying a subscription for a promoted product. In this case, the site was using the legitimate McAfee security solution in an attempt to collect illegitimate commission fees from any potential sales. It must be pointed out that the McAfee product and its developer and publisher have no connection to the page.

In addition, the page may try to obtain push notification privileges. Websites of this type are known to abuse this feature to run intrusive advertising campaigns. The generated advertisements should be regarded as untrustworthy, as they are often used to promoted shady third-party websites, suspicious adult-oriented pages or intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).


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