Threat Database Mac Malware SectionBrowser


The SectionBrowser application is a dodgy utility that targets Mac computers. If you think that the SectionBrowser application will provide you with useful services, you are mistaken. The only purpose of this utility is not to offer high-quality features but to hijack your Web browser.

Once the SectionBrowser application is installed on your Mac computer, this shady utility will alter your Web browser's setting to set up 'Safe Finder' as your default search engine. This is a basic search aggregator that cannot compete with the high-quality service provided by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Using 'Safe Finder' as your default search engine may not provide you with the organic results of your search queries online. The SectionBrowser utility is designed to help the 'Safe Finder' search aggregator boost its traffic and its revenue.

If you want to revoke the changes made by the SectionBrowser application, you should remove this program from your Mac. This may end up being a bit tricky since the SectionBrowser application gains persistence by setting up a new 'Device Profile' as well as new 'Launch Daemon.' However, removing this application can be done easily with the help of a genuine anti-virus utility.


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