SearchZubi Description

SearchZubi is an intrusive browser extension, that exists solely to promote a sponsored address by making significant changes to affected web browsers. This is the typical behavior of the annoying apps known as browser hijackers. After being deployed to the system, they may take over the browser's homepage, new tab page, and default search engine. With all three settings now opening the promoted page, users will be redirected to it every time they launch the browsers, open a new page, or start a search via the URL bar.

The address promoted by SearchZubi belongs to a fake search engine at Fake search engines often rely on browser hijackers to divert traffic towards them as users are unlikely to organically visit the page. The explanation is quite simple - fake engines cannot produce results on their own. Indeed, has been confirmed to take results from the legitimate Google search engine. Users should keep in mind that this may not always be the case. Fake engines could redirect to dubious sources instead based on parameters such as the geolocation and IP address of the specific user.

Furthermore, PUPs are known for collecting various information from the systems they are installed on. Users could have their entire browsing history, search history, clicked URLs, and numerous device details harvested and transmitted to a remote server. The operators of the intrusive app could then package all acquired data and offer it for sale to interested third parties.