Threat Database Browser Hijackers is the address of a questionable search engine. Users conducting searches through will find numerous sponsored links and adverts among the list of displayed results. It also should be noted that is most likely being promoted through a dedicated browser hijacker application. Such applications are rarely installed by users directly and, instead, they attempt to hide their installation through a technique known as bundling or being injected inside fake software installers/updaters. 

As a result of the activity of the browser hijacker, users will soon notice that their browser's homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine have all been modified to open the address. The browse hijacker will make sure that the chosen settings will remain as they are, even if the user tries to change them to their previous state. 

While browser hijackers and the associated dubious or outright fake search engines are not considered to be serious security threats, it doesn't mean that they are harmless necessarily. While using the engine, various information might be collected and transmitted to remote servers. The application itself also could attempt to access data such as the user's browsing history, conducted searches, clicked URLs and more. It is recommended to remove all PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), adware, browser hijackers, and similar applications from your computer as soon as possible. 


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