Type: Browser Hijackers

The address belongs to a dubious search engine. While it is capable of producing search results on its own, the delivered results are likely to be low-quality/inaccurate and filled with sponsored advertisements. Naturally, few users would deem such functionality to be satisfactory when they need to find relevant information fast. The operators of these engines are well aware of this fact and usually try to generate artificial traffic towards the pages through the use of intrusive browser hijackers.

Browser hijacker applications are designed to assume control over the users' Web browsers and modify several important settings. Affected users will notice that their browser's homepage, new tab page, and default search engine have all been changed to now open a promoted page. Launching the browser, opening a new tab, or starting a search via the URL tab will all result in redirects to the newly assigned destination.

Users should keep in mind that using dubious engines, such as or having PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) installed on their devices is not recommended. It is highly likely that the users' browsing activities will be monitored and continuously transmitted to a remote server.

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