Search With Pure

After analyzing it, cybersecurity researchers have concluded that Search with Pure is a dubious search engine that is being promoted through invasive browser hijacker applications. This is a common tactic, designed to drive artificial traffic towards pages that would otherwise see almost zero interest from users.

To stop any PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), adware, or browser hijackers sneaking their way inside their computers, users should always inspect carefully the installations settings of the programs they get. The intruder applications are often included under the 'Advanced' or 'Custom' menus and may not be immediately noticeable.

However, once inside the system, the presence of any browser hijackers will become obvious rather quickly. These applications are tasked with taking control over the installed Web browsers and changing several crucial settings, such as the homepage, new tab page and the default search engine. Typically, all three will now be modified to open the promoted page. Furthermore, unless users get rid of the annoying application, they may be unable to revert their browser's settings to their previous states.

Another risk associated with PUPs is that these applications are notorious for having at least some degree of data-tracking capabilities. In most cases, the PUP will collect information related to the user's browsing activities by accessing the browsing history, search history and any clicked URLs. However, the application also may try to access sensitive information, such as various device details or even banking and payment details.


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