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By Sumo3000 in Browser Hijackers Image is an extremely dangerous web page that is closely related to the TDSS rootkit. Any contact with the website should be treated as a potential infection and should be followed with a thorough scan of your computer system with a reliable anti-malware tool. However, computer users should be aware that many common security applications are not effective against the TDSS rootkit, the main component of the malware associated with In case of redirects to, ESG malware analysts recommend using a specialized anti-rootkit tool – especially if your regular anti-malware program fails to detect any problem on your computer system.

Understanding the Dangers of Malware Associated with

The TDSS rootkit has the capacity to disable a computer system's defenses completely. Most victims of malware will find that their security software has been disabled, as well as essential Windows components designed to allow a computer user to fix an infected computer system such as the Task Manager and the capacity to start up the infected computer system in Safe Mode. This makes dealing with malware related to much more difficult than other browser hijackers. The TDSS rootkit takes the browser hijacker associated with and hides it from the security software, making it much more effective. The other main danger of this rootkit infection is that it has the capacity to connect to a remote server and change the targets of the browser hijacker associated with This allows criminals to stay one step ahead of PC security researchers, constantly changing the way their browser hijackers affects the victim's web browser. Because of this, removal of malware is essential in order to ensure that other malware does not find its way onto the victim's hard drive.

Why Criminals Want to Force on You

Malware threats need time and funds to develop and, if caught, criminals are severely punished by the law. However, the illegal profits generated with malware associated with websites like can be quite high. Basically, criminals use to profit from advertising revenue. This advertising revenue is generated thanks to the vast amounts of traffic that the browser hijacker associated with this malicious website generates. Criminals can also link different kinds of malware, that is, will usually direct visitors to websites containing other kinds of malware infections, such as rogue security programs or adware.


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