The address belongs to a fake search engine that is being promoted through underhanded means involving a browser hijacker PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). These sneaky applications are almost never downloaded and installed by the users knowingly. They hide their presence in questionable software bundles, fake updates or dubious installers.

However, once established onto the user's Mac, the presence of the browser hijacker will become obvious immediately. Users will notice that their Web browsers are suddenly opening the unfamiliar address Thanks to the intrusive actions of the PUP, the promoted address will be set as the browser's homepage, new tab page and default search engine.

Users should keep in mind that all fake search engines and their associated PUPs should be regarded as untrustworthy. Searchfox.cyz is incapable of producing any results, and that is why it could redirect to Bing, Google or even to other dubious search engines. The displayed results also could include numerous sponsored advertisements or links to suspicious websites.

Dealing with browser hijackers could be tricky as some of them are capable of creating persistence mechanisms on the system. If the PUP is not removed completely, this may allow it to reestablish itself and impact the installed browsers all over again. That is why it is strongly recommended to scan your device with a professional security solution and let it deal with the detected intruder applications.


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