is the address of a dubious search engine that Mac users have reported being redirected to. The reason you may be seeing the page is due to a browser hijacker app that might have been installed onto your computer system. Such apps are seldomly installed with the user's consent and instead rely on deceptive marketing tactics for their distribution, such as bundling or hiding inside fake software updates.

The browser hijacker may have taken over your web browser and modified the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine to open Furthermore, users may be prevented from reverting these settings back to their original state while the app is still presented on the device.

It is not advised to conduct any searches through as it collects various user data. Among the obtained information are the device's operating system, IP address, geolocation, the browsing habits of the user, including visited websites and mobile apps. Additional identifiers assigned to the device may also be logged. Any interaction with websites, offerings, and advertisements will be monitored and logged with the exact time stamps. The obtained information may then be shared with third-parties.

Even if you find some features of to be useful, do not underestimate the red flags that surround it.


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