When appears on the users' screen, it looks just like any other search engine available online. However, doesn't have the necessary features to present the necessary search results. Why? Because is a fake search engine that is sponsored by an application called SearchFor.

SearchFor is considered a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and browser hijackers by security experts, due to the deceiving ways it uses to enter a computer, such as via corrupted advertisements, bundled with another program, etc. So, obviously, we shouldn't expect too much from a search engine promoted by it, although the search results provided are reliable since it will redirect the user to genuine and well-used search engines, such as Google, Safari and others. and SearchFor do not represent a danger for the machine. However, Search for will change the users' browser settings, collect data, redirect to unwanted and potentially corrupted websites, and flood their screen with advertisements of all kinds.

If is already on your computer and you do not want to endure its annoying advertisements or take the risk of having your privacy breached, you should act fast and remove the SearchFor application from your computer. Since browser hijackers are not too easy to remove due to the hidden components they have, you are counseled by the experts to use an anti-malware product that can take it out of your machine automatically.


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