Description is a browser redirect that affects the Microsoft Edge. Users oftentimes do not realize where this nasty intruder appeared from, as they notice its presence when it is already installed on their computers. This is a typical behavior associated with PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). 

After all, users are extremely unlikely to install such applications willingly so, to spread themselves, PUPs rely on underhanded methods, such as bundling or fake installers/updates., for example, has been observed to be delivered via several Microsoft Edge add-ons such as Video speed adjusters, Video speed buttons, and Picture-in-Picture mode. While they claim to provide useful features to the user, these dubious add-ons deliver the intruder

Browser hijackers are commonly used to promote fake search engines. They are equipped with the necessary capabilities to take over the Web browser and adjust its settings. Usually, they target the homepage, new tab page and the default search engine. Some browser hijackers may affect a combination of those settings or change the default search engine only. 

Users should avoid conducting searches via such unproven sources because fake search engines and PUPs are known for collecting data. The gathered information may include the browsing history and all initiated searches. Some PUPs could even try to collect information, such as payment details from the affected browsers.