Threat Database Rogue Websites is a hoax website created for the sole purpose of delivering questionable content to users via a popular browser-based tactic. Apart from the domain name, there is nothing functionally different between the countless websites dedicated to this scheme. They all rely on clickbait or deceptive messages in an attempt to lure the user into clicking the 'Allow' button. Doing so will subscribe the user to that site's push notification services. In practice, this means that the deceiving website will receive broad browser privileges that it will then abuse to run an intrusive advertising campaign.

The site pretends that an unspecified file is now ready for download. All that is left is for the user to click the 'Allow' button, which is marked conveniently with an image of an arrow pointing towards it. The exact message displayed by the website is:

'Download is Ready

click Allow to download your file'

If is successful, it will begin to deliver questionable advertisements to the affected device. At this point, closing the browser itself will not work - the advertisements will continue to appear. Keep in mind that engaging with the presented materials could take you to other dubious or even unsafe third-party websites via forced redirects.


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