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Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 31
First Seen: October 31, 2023
Last Seen: November 1, 2023 employs a deceptive strategy involving browser push notifications to inundate unsuspecting users with intrusive and bothersome spam advertisements. This dubious practice categorizes it as a spam notification and a browser hijacker.

The website resorts to cunning tactics to lure visitors into enabling push notifications, often presenting fake age verification prompts or robot verification requests. For instance, users may encounter fabricated notifications that read, 'If you are 18+ Click The Allow Button,' 'Click 'Allow' to play the video,' or 'Click Allow To Verify That You Are Not A Robot.'

However, it's important to note that granting these notifications permission accomplishes nothing in terms of enhancing your browser's functionality or content. Instead, it inadvertently provides with the authorization to inundate your desktop or mobile device with incessant push notification spam, significantly disrupting your online experience.

Falling for the Tricks of Rogue Sites Like Carries Significant Risks

Upon receiving the necessary permissions, exhibits a highly persistent and disruptive behavior by subjecting the user's device to a barrage of inappropriate pop-up advertisements, even when the web browser is not actively in use. These unwanted push notifications serve as vehicles for promoting a variety of unscrupulous products and services, including:

  • Adult and Dating Content: is notorious for bombarding users with explicit adult and dating-related content, which can be highly inappropriate and offensive.
  •  Freemium Games and Apps: The push notifications also endorse freemium games and applications, often enticing users with offers that can be misleading or fraudulent.
  •  Software Update Scams: The website may engage in scams related to software updates, misleading users into downloading potentially harmful or deceptive software.
  •  Weight Loss or Brain Enhancement Supplements: promotes dubious and often unproven products such as weight loss supplements or brain enhancement solutions, preying on users seeking quick fixes.
  •  Other Dubious Products and Services: In addition to the above categories, may advertise a wide range of questionable products and services, further adding to the intrusive and deceptive nature of its notifications.

The insidious aspect of is that it sidesteps conventional browser pop-up blockers by deceiving users into granting permission for push notifications. This allows the website to circumvent browser-level security measures and deliver its unwanted content directly to users' devices on a system-wide scale. The pop-ups generated by are not only intrusive but also quite challenging to ignore, often using alarming language or false urgency to persuade users to click through, potentially leading to the inadvertent installation of malware or unwanted software. This relentless and disruptive behavior can seriously undermine the user experience and spoil the security of the affected device.

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