Rp2-news.club Description

Type: Adware

Rp2-news.club is a rogue website designed to generate monetary gains for its creators by delivering intrusive advertisements to users. To achieve its goal, the site relies on deceptive social-engineering tactics. It may show fake alert messages that lure visitors into clicking the 'Allow' button without revealing that this will subscribe the user to the push notification services of the hoax site.

This browser-based scheme has been particularly popular, resulting in the Internet being flooded by countless websites dedicated to its proliferation. More and more are being churned out almost daily and it seems unlikely that the process will stop any time soon.

There are several popular scenarios employed by these con pages. The most widely used by far is pretending to run a CAPTCHA check. Visitors are shown an image with a robot accompanied by a variation of the following message:

'Click Allow to confirm you are not a robot'

Users also can be presented with a message stating that a file is now ready for download or that by clicking the Allow button they can watch an unspecified video. By scanning the IP address of its visitors, Rp2-news.club could determine their geolocation and show messages in the native language for the user's country.

The advertisements delivered by such questionable sources should be approached with the same levels of caution. It is quite common for the advertisements to contain similar bait messages and, when users engage with them, a forced redirect to a dubious third-party website gets triggered. The destinations of the redirects may include phishing pages, domains spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), or even sites compromised by serious malware threats.

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