Threat Database Rootkits Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B


By GoldSparrow in Rootkits

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 80 % (High)
Infected Computers: 1
First Seen: June 19, 2014
Last Seen: December 19, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B is an extremely threatening infection which infects your computer at a deep level, affecting the master boot record and becoming very difficult to detect or remove by standard anti-malware software. There have been reports from PC users informing that their security software are detecting Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B, displaying a pop-up message indicating its presence. However, when attempting to remove Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B using their security software, the removal almost always fails. The Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B is a threat that is quite destructive and difficult to remove. A strong security program that is fully updated and has anti-rootkit functionality, or a specialized anti-rootkit tool should be used to remove the Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B infection completely.

Besides Been Highly Threatening, the Removal of the Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B is a Hard Task

There are several ways in which Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B may enter your computer. Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B may enter an affected computer automatically. A typical technique is to bundle Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B with other software downloaded from a suspicious online source. Other avenues of infection include typical threat distribution channels such as corrupted email attachments contained in spam email messages, websites that have been hacked to redirect to exploit kits or attack Web pages, and threatening software downloads concealed in torrent files or other file sharing sources. In general, Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B infects a computer because the computer user has been careless when browsing the Internet, often from viewing unsafe material or opening unsafe files or links.

How the Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B's Attack Works

The Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B attack generates various corrupted files which are hidden from the computer user and makes harmful changes to the Windows registry. The Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B attack consumes system resources, such as processing power and memory, making the infected computer run slowly and crash frequently. The Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B also corrupts vital system files and software which eventually may cause the affected computer to shut down suddenly or display the Blue Screen of Death. Since the Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B operates at a deep level in your computer, often loading before most of your software, it is very difficult for your anti-virus software to detect its presence or remove the Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B. Because of this, Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B is usually best removed by following special manual methods or using software that is specially designed to detect and remove rootkit infections.


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