Threat Database Malware Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll

Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll

By ESGI Advisor in Malware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 50 % (Medium)
Infected Computers: 3
First Seen: November 22, 2011
Last Seen: February 26, 2021
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll file has been linked to dangerous malware infection that poses as an innocuous system file. The Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll file often ends up on your computer system after an update request made by an already-present application on your computer system. The Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll file may also be injected onto an infected computer system by taking advantage of security vulnerabilities and exploits. The main danger of the malware threat linked to the Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll file is the fact that Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll is a known spyware threat, designed to keep track of the victim's activities and to relay this information to a remote server. To protect your privacy and personal data, ESG PC security researchers strongly recommend removing any trace of the Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll file from your computer and performing a full scan of your computer system with a legitimate anti-malware application. The presence of the Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll file on a computer system is a definite symptom of a severe malware infection, as well as of potential holes in the infected computer's security. Failure to remove malware associated with the Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll file from your computer system may result in the possible disclosure of your personal data, as well as increasing the risk for identity theft and other kinds of online fraud.

Information That Can Be Stolen by Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll Malware

ESG PC security researchers suspect that the Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll malware threat was created in order to steal a user's banking information and credit card numbers. While the Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll malware threat does not seem to have keylogger capacity (that is, the ability to record keystrokes on the infected computer system), Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll does seem to be able to gain access to system data and Internet browser information, which may contain delicate information. This information may enable a hacker to gain access to online accounts and to reverse-engineer credit card numbers and online banking data – especially in the case of computer users using weak passwords. This is one of the reasons why it is important to use strong passwords, which ideally have a large number of characters, mixing numbers, symbols and letters. It is also not a good idea to save particularly important account information, such as passwords and account names in your Internet browser. However, prevention is the best way to protect yourself from Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll. Using a reliable anti-malware program, scanning your computer system regularly, and making sure to stay away from unsafe websites, is the best way to avoid becoming infected with malware associated with the Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo Dll file.


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